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Ceramic Infrared Heaters.

The Lakshmiheaters Ceramic infrared heaters consist of a ceramic body, which is filled with highly efficient heat insulation material. The heating coil is burnt into the ribs of the radiation area.

The high quality heat insulation ceramic material introduced into the backside of the radiation element reduces the temperature in the wiring space.

Heat loss on Non-radiant side is very little due to special design of ceramic layers.

Crystal clear white or yellow glazing is done to help good radiation and the elements emit energy in the range of 5-10 UM.

By using life prolonger in Ceramics, Element life is increased.

The heat up curves for radiation elements with various power rating is shown in the diagram.

The Elements are designed to withstand sudden voltage fluctuations.

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Application :

  • Heaters for Thermoforming & Vacuum Forming Machines
  • Heaters for Plastic forming Machines
  • Heaters for Shrink packaging tunnels
  • Heaters for Lamination/ lamination Machines
  • Curing rubber heaters
  • Drying textiles heaters
  • Heaters for Drying lacquers and paints